Busted By Radio Inspectors ACMA

Busted By Radio Inspectors ACMA

HEY PETE! Sorry to hear about this but you got off lucky.

 Join the mudducks amongst us like me with 12Watts for a while! LOL

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hi all, I’m back again after a very eventfull 10 days. As some of you have probly heard, I was done by the ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority).I got done with Section 46 – Unlicensed operation of radio communications devices

Section 47 – Unlawful possession of radio communications devices.

I had to despose of the devices within 7 days & advise them I complied. ” In this instance, the ACMA has used discretion and has chosen not to issue you Penalty Infringement Notices or escalate to prosecution, however, any future non-compliance will be viewed more seriously.” I’m going to frame the 2 ACMA Warning Notices & put them up on the wall. So in a nutshell, I got a severe official warning.

I had to post the RCI 2970 & Palomar Amp to Head Office in Melbourne & sort of sold the Icom & Kenwood to my amateur mate Mick, to look after them till I get my F-Call. I’m booked in to do the Amateur exam on the 23rd of this month.

So I’m back on air again with only the Cobra 146GTL 40 channel SSB & 12 watts.
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