An interesting CB Radio from Ranger, the Texas Ranger TXS-TLM1  with LCD Meter multi Display.


I had not heard of this radio until today so there must be some interesting CB Radios out there in this new millennium that are making use of new technologies that are becoming mature in todays world of mobile cell phone miniaturisation etc.


Owning a few SBE Console VI base stations and a SBE mobile with computer controlled channel selection and scanning has always pushed my buttons as much as I pushed theirs! Ahh. squelch scan on selected SSB channels (77 of them)sbesidebander-consolevi_sm

I even had an Icom 701 with the optional touch button tuning Pad back in the old days running on 27MHZ which had the grunt for DXing as well.


So its about time the new CB’s moved into the 21st century with the consumer electronics boom technology available to manufacturers at a reasonable price.

This seems to be an example of what can be produced at a reasonable price with features to make a dx’ers life easier. An SD Card Slot & USB Slot, WOW!!

The RCI-TLM1 features programmable display that has similar functionality similar to digital photo frame and MP3 player with stereo jack. You can choose the individual display that best suits your application or design your own. The RCI-TLM1 is equipped with USB & SD card ports. Just simply plug-in a memory sticks or card which contains your favorite photos and songs to the appropriate port to create your desired display or play your music.


Well all the above was great until I recently looked a bit closer and realised that is an AM CB radio.

It  does not have SSB (Single Side Band) modes every avid CB radio DX’er wants.

At least where I come from anyway!  Imagine no one on channels 1 through to 28 on ANY MODE!

Well maybe two guys in Melbourne, Bulldozer and Squidy running a few buckets into stacked yagis pointing stateside on channel 6.

Texas Ranger CB Radio Mobile
Texas Ranger CB  TXS-TLM1
Frequency Range 26.965 – 27.405 MHz
40 Channels AM Only
Power Output
AM = 4W  SSB = NO
ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter)
LCD RF-Power
LCD Frequency Display
Light Dimmer
LCD RF-Power Meter
LCD Modulation-Meter
LCD S-Meter

More info HERE: http://www.cbradio.nl/texas%20ranger/texas_ranger.htm

Great Youtube video of the CRT SUPERSTAR FORCE ONE SS the Export Version


Much MORE HERE: http://www.cbradiomagazine.com/Radio%20Reviews/Ranger%20PPR-TLM1/Ranger%20PPR-TLM1%20Review.html