1. World Day of ROS Mode on CB – ROS v7.1.3 27.245 MHz USB


1. World Day of ROS Mode on CB 22 September, 2012 Hello radio friends over the world. For some time there are many of you qrv in the lovely operation mode ROS – created and written by our friend Jose Alberto Continue reading 1. World Day of ROS Mode on CB – ROS v7.1.3 27.245 MHz USB

WINScanner Software

winscanner radio control

WINScanner Software WINScanner software brings the excitement of radio transmitting and receiving to your computer!   The integration of a communications transceivers/scanners and a PC pioneered by WINScanner and it has brought about an increasing number of functions and features that have never Continue reading WINScanner Software

TEDELEX TE 7000 CB Radio

Tedelex TE 7000 40CH SSB Base Station CB Radio

US and Canadian SSB, PTBM048A0X, PTBM058COX:

AWA/Thorn 1503, Bowman CB950, Cardon Iroquios 40, Colt 480, 485DX, 890, 1000, 1200 (Excalibur), Gemtronics GTX77, GE 3-5825A, HyGain 2705 (V), 2785, 3108 (VIII), J.C. Penny 981-6247, JIL Citizen MPL-5, JIL SSB-M6, Lafayette Telsat SSB80, SSB120, SSB140, Midland 78-976, 79-892, Palomar 2900, Pearce-Simpson Super Panther, Bengal Mark I, RCA 14T302, Truetone CYJ4837A-87, Universe 5600: Continue reading TEDELEX TE 7000 CB Radio