1. World Day of ROS Mode on CB

22 September, 2012

Hello radio friends over the world.

For some time there are many of you qrv in the lovely operation mode ROS – created and written by our friend Jose Alberto from Spain !

In Germany it developed to a fast seller by cb-radio operators in digi-modes.

Here we use – accordant to the legal terms – channel 25 USB for ROS and other broadband device digi-modes.

Within a few days it was possible to reach radio friends throughout Europe, Israel and even Nicaragua. It was an unbelievable success !

We´d like to thank all the radio friends for their activity in the past and most of all our friend Jose Alberto for his work.

Therefore it was our radio friend Rene who had the idea to install the first world contest in the operation mode ROS.

He calls it 1. (First) World Day of ROS Mode and invites everybody to join the contest on 28.october 2012 between 06:00 and 23:00 UTC.

The aim is to be active in this time on CB Radio channel 25 USB and to produce as many contacts as possible.

Further information of the 1.world Day of Ros Mode are to in the Web :

Please inform your friends about this event and be active as numerous as possible during the contest-time.

CB-Call: 13ALE001
Ham-Call: DG9NCZ



This was so successful another day was scheduled: Click Below text for more!

2nd. World Day of ROS Mode –

The Digital Day Date: Saturday, 03/03/2013 

Time (UTC): 06:00 to 23:00 

QRG: 11m CB Channel 25 USB 

Frequency: 27.245MHz USB

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