Bought 2 orig Mitsubishi 2sc1969 for $10 AUD from HongKongSupply ebay seller because I blew up the original 2sc1969 final in my TR-696F-SSB CB Base station in a seniors moment.

I thought I would take a chance on these finals as the price was very attractive and worth the risk.

The seller has an excellent record on ebay so felt comfortable doing business with them.

I am pleasantly surprised to be able to give a “THUMBS UP!” to these transistors as I soldered the replacement in and the radio immediately swung the power meter needle on my ATU to 10 watts more than the original 2sc1969!

This was with no tuning changes at all. Just the new transistor soldered in.  To ensure that I had more chances of keeping the finals protected from overheating again I have fitted a few computer CPU cooling items neatly into the radio without any modifications. It is amazing what you can do with a bit of  fore thought in this regard. (And a good supply of computer junk in the garage!)

Texas Ranger TR696-SSB PCB

Texas Ranger 696 SSB 2SC1969 Finals Replacement


This is the back of the TR-696 PCB where the finals are bolted to the rear aluminium panel to sink the heat in transmitting operation. This panel can get very warm and I wanted to add more mass and surface area to dissipate the heat away from the transistors.

Texas Ranger 696 Finals Heat Sink from Computer CPU

As I have many old computer parts in the garage I found a great CPU heatsink that suited the job. After coating the back of it with thermal paste I clamped it on directly above the 2sc1969 cb final transistors where it could absorb the most heat.

Texas Ranger 696 Finals Fan

I also found another CPU heatsink fan that fitted perfectly onto the rear of the case without mods that pulls the hot air out of the rear of the case slots as there are slots at the sides of the bottom of the case that allow thru flow by convection.


Go to this ebay seller for these transistors….


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