CB Radio PLL List for alignment of models

Uniden BC 980SSB PCB

Many are common CB Radio folklore with the 02A, and 858 PLL’s being most popular in the early days of modifying your CB to get all those freeband frequencies that were so quiet just up the band towards the Amateur 10Meter allocation at 28.000 MHz. A few switches to open or close power to the input lines on the PLL could do wonders to get your CB going out of band either up or down from the legal Govt 40 Channels. And if you were smart enough to fit ThumbWheels on the BCD logic lines you could even have a cheat sheet that gave a three digit number that corresponded to a frequency. Continue reading CB Radio PLL List for alignment of models

Ranger RCI-2998 Coming soon??

Ranger RCI-2998 Coming soon??

RCI Ranger RHF-618 10 & 12 Meter Dual Band HF SSB Desktop Radio able to be modified to 11 meters to cover 40 channel CB Band also.
Seems retrofitted to the common Rack Mount Style Case from Ranger.
This certainly gives the radio more visual presence and seems to offer more rear heatsink area for the upgraded RF output expected. Possibly also allows for a decent power supply to fitted inside to ensure plenty of amps in reserve as well. Unsure if a switched mode supply will still be used but it must be getting tight for space in there so probably will be. Continue reading Ranger RCI-2998 Coming soon??

CB Texas Ranger TXS-TLM1 LCD Meter Display


The RCI-TLM1 features programmable display that has similar functionality similar to digital photo frame and MP3 player with stereo jack. You can choose the individual display that best suits your application or design your own. The RCI-TLM1 is equipped with USB & SD card ports. Just simply plug-in a memory sticks or card which contains your favorite photos and songs to the appropriate port to create your desired display or play your music. Continue reading CB Texas Ranger TXS-TLM1 LCD Meter Display

1. World Day of ROS Mode on CB – ROS v7.1.3 27.245 MHz USB


1. World Day of ROS Mode on CB 22 September, 2012 Hello radio friends over the world. For some time there are many of you qrv in the lovely operation mode ROS – created and written by our friend Jose Alberto Continue reading 1. World Day of ROS Mode on CB – ROS v7.1.3 27.245 MHz USB